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Weddings at Westgate

Wedding Services are Offered to Regular Attenders & Members of DOVE Westgate Church.

Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming marriage! We pray this time of preparation and planning for your big day will be a memorable and beautiful season in your life as a couple, as you prepare to commit your lives together before God.

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Application Process

The first step in applying to host a wedding event at Westgate is to read through our wedding "Policies & Procedures." This packet of information includes as much detail as we could possibly think of to help you plan your special day.


It is very important for you to read through this material BEFORE you fill out your online application. It includes what you can expect from Westgate, what we expect from you, wedding packages and pricing, as well as facility requirements, and other terms and conditions.

Understanding of and agreement to adhere to all terms and conditions contained in this packet are required in order to book an event at DOVE Westgate Church.

We've also included links to a checklist of what we need from you and when, along with a printable Statement of Commitment that is required to be physically signed by both the Bride and Groom as part of the initial application process.

Wedding Packages

We offer a variety of package options for you to choose from.

Click on the links below for more information on what's included in each. 

Please keep in mind that DOVE Westgate Church is not a full-service event planning business. This means there are certain requests related to facility availability, set-up, and decorating that we are unable to accommodate, without exception. This would especially apply to anything that would interfere with regularly scheduled Church activities.

Connect with Us.

If you have any questions, please contact our Facility Coordinator, Angela Weiler, at or 717.721.3775.

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