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We are ordinary people with a mission to transform our community and the world by

connecting people with God and each other. It is our purpose to unleash God's extraordinary

love with the healing, freedom, and hope available to all through Jesus Christ.

Welcome to DOVE Westgate Church!




DOVE Westgate Church is part of a network of churches called DOVE International, with churches

in six continents and hundreds of locations across

the world. "DOVE" is an acronym for "Declaring Our Victory Emmanuel", meaning that we celebrate our victory with our God who dwells within us.


We are a non-denominational, small group-based

family of churches who want to see God touching

lives here, and around the world.


If you'd like to know more about DOVE International

and how the movement began, check out their

website by clicking here.  




We believe the Church exists to worship God individually, in small groups, and in corporate



We believe that in partnership with the Holy Spirit,

we can help people mature in their relationship

with Christ and fulfill God's purposes for their lives.


We believe God's love compels us to impact

people's lives with the message of the Gospel,

at home and around the world.


We believe developing healthy, loving relationships

with other Christians individually, in small groups

and corporately, are essential for people to fully experience a vibrant Christian life.


We believe all Christians are to model the life

of Christ by serving others.


We believe that God calls us to generously give

of our time, talents, and resources, thus releasing

God's blessings and furthering the work of the



We believe that prayer is foundational in knowing

God, essential in accomplishing God’s purpose,

and powerful in changing the destinies of men

and nations.




We Believe the Bible to be the inspired, infallible,

and authoritative Word of God. The Holy Spirit moved upon the writers of the Old and New Testament and inspired them as they wrote the Words of God.

We Believe there is One God, eternally existent

in three persons:  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

God the Father – Creator of all things. 

By His Word all things were created and

through the power of His Word all things are

held together.  He sent His Son Jesus to

redeem mankind unto Himself.

Jesus Christ - the only begotten Son of God,

conceived by the Holy Spirit, and born of a virgin. 

He lived a sinless life, and performed many

miracles.  He redeemed us by His atoning death through His shed blood.  He ascended to the right

hand of the Father, and He  will personally return

in power and glory.  There is no other name given

under heaven by which man must be saved.

Holy Spirit – inspired the writers of the Bible,

convicts the world of sin, teaches us all things,

and brings to our remembrance the Word of God.


We Believe in the total inability of man

to save himself and is in need of a Savior. 

Mankind can only be saved through a complete commitment of himself or herself to Jesus Christ

as Savior and Lord with that one then being regenerated by the Holy Spirit.

We Believe in the present infilling of the Holy Spirit

to all believers who desire it.  The Holy Spirit’s ministry to the body of Jesus Christ is power to live and witness and to go forth to proclaim the gospel and to make disciples.  Power for us to cultivate a Christ-like character through the Fruit of the Spirit and to

build up and to mature the church through the

miraculous gifts and ministries in this present day.

We Believe in the church as a body of believers

brought together by the Holy Spirit as a visible

part of the body of Christ, who faithfully proclaim

the whole Word of God, properly administer

the sacraments, and humbly submit themselves

to discipline, all for the glory of God.

We Believe every man and woman shall give

an account of all their deeds in this earthly life

before the judgment seat of Christ.  Those found

with their names in the Lamb’s Book of Life will be

with God in His glory, those without their names

written will be eternally separated from God.

If you would like further information about DOVE Westgate Church,

our Core Values, or Statement of Faith, please feel free to contact

us at or call us at 717.721.3775.

We'd love to chat with you!

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